McGill University (referred to as "McGill") welcomes you (the “User”) to the Oral Health Provider Database (the “Database”).

The Database is intended to increase access to oral health services for Canadians living in remote or underserviced areas to improve their oral health.

The Database is a tool designed to match, alert via email and connect oral health providers interested in working in remote or underserviced areas with communities, health facilities or clinics looking for providers and vice versa.

The Database is comprised of two lists: oral health providers willing to work in remote or underserviced areas and communities, health facilities or clinics looking for oral health providers.

Operator of the Database

McGill operates and manages the Database. If you encounter a problem while using the Database and/or have questions about the Database, please contact us at: contact@dentalconnection.ca

Providing Information (including Personal Information) in the Database

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What information (including personal information) is collected from oral health providers in the Database:


Provider type/license

Contact information

Locations where you are interested in working

Length of time preferred for a contract

Any additional comments

What information (including personal information) is collected from communities, health facilities or clinics in the Database:

Name of clinic/community center


Description of clinic

Contact information

Type of provider(s) required

Length of time preferred for a contract

Any additional comments

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If you want to terminate your User Account, you may do so by notifying the Secretariat of McGill at: contact@dentalconnection.ca